How much should I take?

Many people start with 1/2 tbsp and work up gradually to 2-3 tbsp a day, or refer to your doctor's instructions. Stop taking if negative effects, such as digestive problems or flu like symptoms occur. It is always recommended to talk with your doctor.

How long does it last?

Each jar has a 2 week expiration date.

How much should I order?

Each jar, at 1 tbsp a day, will last about one week. Keep in mind the 2 week expiration date. Example: At 1 tbsp/day = 2 jars will last 2 weeks. At 2 tbsp/day = 4 jars will last 2 weeks.

Can I freeze my probiotic?

No, the probiotic is a fermented dairy product and it loses its property when frozen.

Can I add sugar, fruit, honey, or chocolate to my probiotic?

Yes, you may add these if you'd like. Please do not add artificial sweeteners since they severely affect the efficacy of the probiotic. Artificial sweeteners are toxic for the bacteria.

Can I take my normal medications and prescriptions with my probiotic?

Yes, the probiotic does not interfere with drugs or medicines.

Can I get the probiotic for my children?

Yes! Our probiotic is great for children! You must take into consideration the weight of the child before giving them the probiotic as with any probiotic, and adjust the dose.

When can I order the freshest batch?

A fresh bath is made every week and is ready for delivery on Wednesday or Thursday.

When can I get it shipped?

Shipping is done every Wednesday and Thursday of the week. If you want the freshest batch, it's best to get your order in by Monday at noon. Otherweise, you may have to wait for the next week's batch. We offer FedEx Next Day/Overnight Delivery. If mailing outside local distances (Lake County, CA to the North, and South Bay Area, CA to the South), please call to get a shipping quote and a separate PayPal invoice will be emailed for billing.

When can I pick up my order at Gordon Medical Associates?

A fresh batch of probiotic is delivered every week on Wednesday by noon. You can pick up your order any time during GMA's regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What options are available?

We offer both cow and goat milk options.