Welcome to Primavera Probiotics!

Welcome to Primavera Probiotics! We are a small cottage industry located in Sebastopol, CA. We have a new probiotic yogurt made with Bravo® Probiotic bacterial cultures, Liquid Gold Colostrum®, and whole organic milk. This probiotic yogurt is good for balancing your digestive system and also helps boost your immune system as well. We think you will love the way it works, and hope you will try our Bravo Probiotic yogurt today!

We are happy to introduce a new option for those customers that have allergies to cow's milk. We will be offering Bravo made with goat's milk by special order, with at least a week's notice ahead of time. The goat's milk Bravo will use the same Bravo cultures, and cow colostrum, but will be made with pure goat's milk. We hope that this will help those patients that need a good probiotic but have a hard time finding alternatives to cow's milk.